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Can't seem to find more history about Oscar Burrell, can anyone fill me in.

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Mon Apr 23 2012, 09:04pm
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Joined: Mon Apr 23 2012, 08:49pm
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I have been looking for more information about Oscar Burrell and the white cottage. , history and what he was known for. Was it music related?
send me an email or contact me at 770-640-3382.. thanks William
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Tue Apr 24 2012, 06:54pm
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Joined: Thu Jul 21 2005, 04:47pm
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From what I understand, Oscar Burrell was a farmer and not related to music (from what I have heard). I think the white cottage was moved to the lakeside years ago-- but I'm not positive. There used to be a larger white house closer to the road on that property, but it was torn down maybe 15-20 years ago. I believe Burrell's were still living in the house when it was sold and taken down. I look forward to hearing what others know.
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Grandma's Kid
Sun Apr 29 2012, 11:38am
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Joined: Wed Aug 03 2005, 02:02am
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There is a difference between what i know and what I've heard and I don't want to offend anyone but I feel an obligation to share some stories I've heard. My fathers uncle gave my dad some property here in 1934 after the city would not let a store be built that would have competed with The Stand. Before that, in the roaring 20's, Mountain Park was a speakeasy playground and distribution center for shine being run into Atlanta. My dad told me that as a little boy in the 20's a barn he peeped into was filled to the rafters with bottles of moonshine. My paternal grandmother was said to have dealt cards at The Stand which served as a speakeasy. My grandmother had some buckshot under her skin which she would not talk about. Note that our little city is positioned where three counties come together. It has been said that since law enforcement was not sure of where the boundaries were that this helped facilitate illegal activity. T models backed up the all dirt roads to get out of Mountain Park because reverse was their strongest gear. Once, in the early 70's, a historian with a degree began interviewing Oscar's family but was kicked out of the house by the lower lake because the family was still afraid of the revenuers. I got this from one of Oscars grandchildren who I knew briefly. Oscar's cornfield was given to the city for the "new lake," Lake Cherful. Just a few years ago, while fishing, an elderly man came out of the back of a car and told me he used to be a well digger around here. He told me Oscar was handy with a pistol and could shoot a sappling tree "all the way up." Besides drinking and card playing there was fishing and swimming in the summers. My dad was a strong swimmer. He could dive from the platform in the middle of Lake Garrett and swim underwater all the way to the shore by The Stand. I almost forgot- I've heard it said that plantation owner Garrett was areested by Northern troops here in the park down by the spring where he was hiding during The War Between The States. Garrett owned all the land around here. His large farm home was where Sandy Plains ends. The fishing was very good here until the early 70's when urban sprawl first messed up our lakes. Grandmother and I would bring home fish daily. What we couldn't eat we would trade with neighbors for eggs, watermelons and squirrels. Squirrel hunting and eating was quite popular. That's all I've got for now. I am somewhat nostalgic for the way it used to be but I still enjoy living here. It was a great place for my children to grow up.

Grandma's Kid
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