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Jun 01 : 17:00
Members, post announcements in the Chat that don't seem to fit in the Forum such as Happy Birthday, Welcome New Baby, etc. Get "social."

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Nice to be Back

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Dana Shields
Thu Jan 13 2011, 09:27pm
Registered Member #148
Joined: Tue Jul 11 2006, 01:02pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 25
Hi, folks.

After 2 1/2 years consulting in Grand Ledge, Michigan, we've returned to Mountain Park. It's truly nice to be back to such a beautiful place. Better people have deserved worse than I. Of that, I am certain.

However, in the 5 days we've returned, I've been publicly lectured as many times for various sins, apparently both venial as well as mortal, judging from the tone and urgency (in one instance, skipping altogether the common exchange of greetings). I can only conclude from these interchanges that I'm the sort of ne'er-do-well a select few in Mountain Park could well do without.

That pleases me deeply, just as it always has. It has lent me the opportunity to assist a few high-stepping characters in feeling like they've made a difference with their mighty slurry of words that would surely otherwise fall on deaf (deft) ears in the community.

Thank you for welcoming us back. And to those 'deputized' citizens on the front-lines of order, without whom I would be lost: I've both cleaned it up and parked it right, just for you.

P.S. it's worth noting that in the 2 + years in Michigan, I failed to receive one single stinging rebuke (except from my tax accountant who--to her credit--suffers from acute bouts of irritable bowel syndrome and, of course, tax preparation which is enough to make anyone strike an unnecessarily crappy tone). But that was Michigan. A den of iniquity. Hardly ones to judge.
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