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Jun 01 : 17:00
Members, post announcements in the Chat that don't seem to fit in the Forum such as Happy Birthday, Welcome New Baby, etc. Get "social."

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January 2008: Around the Park

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Fri Feb 01 2008, 07:24pm

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January 2008 Newsletter
Around the Park
MP Civic Club: the Heart of the Park

President’s Chat – This year your MPCC is planning to proceed BACK to its glory days of the past. At our first meeting we discussed reorganizing the Civic Club to better meet the needs of all citizens of Mountain Park as well as to provide more organized support to our city government. Our preliminary conversations revolved around organizing into three strands (with their current Chair): Social (Chair – Pat McLendon), Environmental/Wildlife (Chair – Jeffrey Johnson), and Citizen Support (Temporary Chair – Jeanne Wood). These three groups will be meeting to better determine the focus and direction of each strand. We would like for many of you to be involved in this process. Please read the preliminary draft below. If one of these areas is of interest to you, please contact the appropriate chair for future meeting dates or attend the next general meeting of your MPCC on Tuesday, February 12. Your MPCC is going to be GREAT in 2008 – with your involvement and support!! Jeanne

Sunday, February 3 – City-wide Superbowl Party (Notice has been put on your mailbox post)
Tuesday, February 12 – Regular MPCC meeting
Wednesday, February 13 – Annual Valentine’s Dinner

Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner: Wednesday, February 13 at 7:00pm is the date and time for the Annual MPCC Valentine’s Dinner. The spaghetti/lasagna dinner is $6 for adults and $2.50 for children 12 and under. Adult beverages will be available for $2.50. Come join us at the Civic Building for good food, fun and fellowship with your Mountain Park neighbors. (If anyone knows of MP residents needing transportation to the dinner, please let me know. My contact information is at the top of this newsletter.)

New 2008 Mountain Park Directory: Yes, this is the year that the directory is scheduled to be redone. You will soon be receiving information about how to have your information included in this year’s directory. Keep an eye on your mailbox post! (What would we do in Mountain Park without our mailbox posts?)

Emergency Wildlife Fund: A BIG thank you goes to Colleen Davis and John and Helen McLaughlin for their very generous donations to this fund. Also, thanks go to those of you who purchased our lighted Mountain Park deer in December. (I hoped they worked! Mine did.) Our fund is now $360. Donations are still being accepted and future fundraisers will be held to ensure that our wildlife will continue to get the necessary medical care should they be put in harm’s way.

MPCC Membership: Yes, it’s time to cough up that $2 and join your Mountain Park Civic Club for 2008. Our new membership drive has begun and we are already 21 strong, but of course, we have expectations of many, many more! Please complete the attached form and bring it to the next MPCC meeting, give to our Treasurer, George Menden or put in our container at City Hall. As your MPCC SOARS TO NEW HEIGHTS this year, we’re sure that you will want to be a proud supporter of those efforts!

2008 MPCC Membership Form, Donations for ‘08 July Fireworks or Wildlife Emergency Fund
Name/s _____________________________________________________


Date _____________________

Phone ___________________________

Email __________________________________________

Check all that apply: (TOTAL INCLUDED PLEASE________ )
_____ $2 Dues included per adult
______ Donation for Wildlife Fund
_____ Donation for 2008 Fireworks
______ General Donation
Return to George Menden, bring to next MPCC meeting or take to City Hall.

CC Officers: Pres. – Jeanne Wood VP – Laurie Menden
Secretary- Suzanne Close Treasurer – George Menden
(Jeanne can be reached at -email- or (770) 642-6755.)
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