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Jun 01 : 17:00
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Dog Found.

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M. Pate
Fri Mar 14 2014, 02:06AM
Registered Member #134
Joined: Wed Jun 07 2006, 02:55PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 12
Hello neighbors, Our dog Ellie has been missing since last night (3/12/14.) She is half Great Pyrenees, some yellow lab and ?other? We fenced our yard and decided to get a rescue dog. Unfortunately, she LOVES to swim in our neighborhood pond and can easily jump the fence. We tried installing an electric fence, but that didn't deter her either. She is crazy about the water. We've had her for four years and when she has jumped the fence she has always come home in time for supper - until last night. She's very friendly, but a little skittish (rescue dog.) We are worried sick about her and have already checked with animal control in Fulton, Cobb and Cherokee counties. I'll be going in person to the pounds first thing tomorrow. Would you please keep an eye out for her? I didn't want to bury this in the lost pets section since someone may be keeping her. Thank you all! The Pate family

M. Pate
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M. Pate
Tue Mar 18 2014, 10:21PM
Registered Member #134
Joined: Wed Jun 07 2006, 02:55PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 12
Ellie has been found. Sadly, someone removed all three of her collars and hid them down by the lake, then drove her out of the neighborhood. She was found in the QT parking lot with a different collar and a shattered leg and taken to the vet by a good Samaritan. We are grateful to have our friend back home.

M. Pate
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