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Jun 01 : 17:00
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Author Post
Thu Mar 29 2012, 05:25am
Registered Member #460
Joined: Fri Mar 11 2011, 12:49am
{LOCATION}Posts: 10
I am mad as he!!.! 6 neighbors have spoken to me about how Jeff Johnson appealed to the City to have 9 years of his Mt Pk taxes erased. So now 4 more neighbors have talked to me about how the City voted IN HIS FAVOR to remove all but a few years of his taxes.

Good Grief. Is the City trying, begging to start a new precedent or what? I heard Mr. Jeff whined about all the so called "volunteer" work he's done for the City over the years as if this should give him some sort of "pass" for paying his taxes. TAXES the rest of us HAVE to pay. What a nice world for Jeffery Johnson.

First, Jeff got paid handsomely for most of the haha "volunteer" work he's done for this city. Now he wants more. Worse, the City bought his whiney pleadings and absolved him of payment so I understand, but for a couple of years.

What sort of law did our City Attorney find to let this happen? Furthermore shouldn't about HALF the Council recuse themselves on this issue as they have some sort of friendship or relationship with Jeff or a family member of his?

No. Not if you live in Mountain Park: Home of Special Favors/Good Ole Boy Club/Cronyism. I for one am sick to death of this crap. First the lawsuit with a Council member's very very very close friend's relative being one of the defendants, etc............. and now this. And all the other stuff that goes on around here I won't begin to bore others with. Then good ole Jeff has the nerve to blame City Staff for some of his taxation difficulties. Gee, regardless of whatever, I KNOW my taxes are due no matter what occurs. Every home owner does. Ignorance is no excuse. Besides this has been going on I hear for NINE years??????????????????? How in God's Green World has this gone on for so daggum long??????????????????? The CITY of Mt. Pk. Right? Yeah, we're a real city aren't we? Real professional, real fair, real ethical.

Folks, I don't know about you, but I know taxes are a big deal. They factor in my accounting on a monthly basis, knowing at the end of the year, I have to pay them. What makes Johnson any different? How did this Dude get away with this for NINE years???????? And then the guy goes in front of the City to beg them to release him of such a big fat unreasonable burden from them. Who does this? Who volunteers his work for years and then suddenly says all his volunteering should release him from paying taxes? What world does Johnson live in anyway? Has he no pride? Well..........whatever. I hear he's moving so I guess this makes it alright to screw over the place and people you called home and friends for so long.

Maybe we should recall certain Council People and Mayor. Maybe we don't deserve to be a City anymore b/c it's getting clear this City doesn't behave like a City. People out here think Mountain Park is run like a real city???? Try not paying your taxes in ATL and going in front of the Council and cry and whine about it? Nine years worth of it. Ha. After the 1st year they're be a LIEN on your house for nonpayment. Not out here.

Well I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not paying my taxes this year. I wanna see how the City handles this one as they've now set a PRECEDENT.

Disgusted with all of them: Jeff to every Council person with the exception of the only THINKING council member on board: SCOTT READ. Thank you Scott for having the ***** for doing the RIGHT thing, the HONORABLE and FAIR and LEGAL, the ONLY thing. Thank you for NOT rewarding BAD behavior and cry babies who just decide for years not to pay taxes and setting dangerous precedent . For whatever reasons the others let Jeff Johnson off the hook, Scott you are a hero for taking a stand for us on this.

How some people can look at themselves in the mirror each morning is beyond me.

Thanks alot Johnson for the big fat **** you you have given your neighbors. And lots of us are hit HARD by this recession and many of us are having all sorts of financial issues. But we don't expect to be carried. Cause Jeff, you know you've left us all here to absorb your neglect and bad behavior. Just cause you don't "feel" like it. Guess I should start volunteering for the City. But wait, this would mean I'd also get paid for it like Mr. Johnson did all these years. Why call it volunteering, Jeff old pal?

Disgusted is too mild a word I have for this City and those that run it w/the exception of Mr. Read. Spineless and Unethical behavior should not be rewarded when running a City.

Maybe our PAID City Attorney could come here and comment on how Johnson got away with this. Along with Still et al.
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Mr Leary
Thu Mar 29 2012, 01:44pm
Registered Member #430
Joined: Fri Sep 03 2010, 03:56pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 5
Wow! This sounds incredible Mr Johnson (no relation to Jeff I'm sure). I believe this has to be true if someone certainly was at the meeting. Otherwise I’m always a little “leery” of nothing but hearsay.
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Thu Mar 29 2012, 03:32pm
Registered Member #46
Joined: Fri Jul 29 2005, 02:20pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 158
Johnson back taxes WAS on the agenda according to the official MP website.

Perhaps the recording on this website will shed some light?

Regular City Council Meeting March 22, 2010 starting at 7:30PM, Community Building

Listen (46 minutes)
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Mr Leary
Thu Mar 29 2012, 07:15pm
Registered Member #430
Joined: Fri Sep 03 2010, 03:56pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 5
Keith, I agree listening to a recording would shed light although the recording you reference is from 2010 and does not include anything about Mr Johnson’s (no relation to Harry or Claire) taxes. I would be interested in knowing if Mr Read states why he voted against the motion to require only a portion of the taxes be paid. He may have preferred the motion state that none of the taxes had to be paid. I understand that Johnson said he wasn’t aware of owing the city taxes because he never received a bill except from Cherokee County. Why was he not being billed by the City of Mountain Park and why was this not even discovered from 2003 until 2008 by the city?
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Thu Mar 29 2012, 11:29pm
Registered Member #523
Joined: Thu Mar 29 2012, 11:17pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 1
In response to the February 27th recording.

I would like to know why he thought we should adjust his taxes owed due to a technical error of this nature? That should be in the March 21st tape if the editor resolves the technical issues but if not, I appreciate the efforts.

Failure to receive a property tax bill does not relieve the taxpayer of the obligation to pay their taxes timely.
Failure to receive a bill does not affect the validity of the tax or any interest or fines incurred due to late payment(s).

It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to secure his/her tax bill when one is not received.

If you buy a house the tax bill usually goes to the previous owner and the new owner is responsible to notify the city/county and obtain a property tax bill. Johnson was aware he didn't receive the tax bills and it was his gamble to pay them or not. He lost the gamble and should have paid the taxes plus interest and penalties like anyone else (most likely us) for all those years.

They should have sent him a retroactive bill with interest and penalties and then the property should have been liened/FIFA if he did not pay it. Then the city could have auctioned it and got their money but if not; the city would have obtained all of the money if the property was ever sold.

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Fri Mar 30 2012, 07:31pm

Joined: Tue Jul 12 2005, 10:03pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 236
A MountainParkLife representative contacted City Hall staff and a Councilperson. These are answers received via email:

Councilperson: “All taxes and penalties for 2003-2007 were ‘forgiven.’ Mr. Johnson still owes all taxes from 2008-2010 (he has paid 2011 already). However, the penalties for 2008-2010 were forgiven.”

City Hall: “It is my understanding that Mr. Johnson will be sent another bill for 2008, 2009 and 2010 taxes without penalties and interest for a total due of $2018.62. He has 60 days to pay the bill or a lien will be placed on his property.”

Further updates will be provided by MountainParkLife as received or informed.
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Fri Mar 30 2012, 10:33pm
Registered Member #460
Joined: Fri Mar 11 2011, 12:49am
{LOCATION}Posts: 10
Thanks Admin for the update. However:

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