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Sunset Boulevard

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Sat Jul 16 2011, 06:59AM
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Joined: Fri Mar 11 2011, 12:49AM
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Got a copy of the lawsuit transcripts from a friend. Gonna start reading testimonys. Want to know if any body else had read any of it?

Told my friend it look like way to much to read n he said go rent the old movie called Sunset Boulevard n it all u need to now. The Big Joke going around the Park. Hears the Nutshell n got most of this from wikipedia,

Critic describes it as "the definitive *Hollywood* horror story.
Citizens of the Park describe it as " the definitive mountain Park horror story.

Claire Johnson stars as Norma Desmonde. Best quotes, "All right Mr. De.Mille I'm ready for my close up". and " I AM big, its the pictures that got small".

Martin Shelton stars as Joe Gillis. Comment made to Joe Gilis by a character, "I always heard you have some talent". n Joe Gillis replie, " That was last year, this year Im trying to make a living". Another one, "I'm over a barrel and need a job".

Scott Haag stars as Max, whose Norma Desmondes butler n faithful servant n protecter. Max fake her fan mail to protect Norma from having hurt feelings. At the end of movie Max convince her she on the set of her new film

ROTFLMAO no joke

PLOT, in nutshell,
The story follow the life of a struggling Hollywood screenwriter Joe Gills as he;s ensnared by long forgotton silent screen star Norma Desmonde into being her kept man. The film follows Wm Holden as Joe whose a unsuccessful screenwriter n Gloria Swansong as a faded silent film star who draws him into her fantasy world where she dreams of making a truimhiant return to the screen. Joe is fleeing from the repo man for a repossed car and the tire blows out in fromt of Norma Desmondes mansion. Joe hides from the repo men in her garage n Max the butler find him n brings him to Norma. He tells her he's a writer n she ask him to help her write a script that she hope will reveive her faded acting career. He moves in and starts writng n become dependent on her. She lavishs him with attention n buys him stuff...goes on n on, hysterial n also kinda scary.
Serously u cant make this stuff up.
Hadnt seed the movie so far looked this up on Wik, but headed to Blockbuster asap.

Gonna start reading testimonys of resident first. Any suggestion were to start?
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Mon Jul 18 2011, 02:54AM
Registered Member #428
Joined: Sat Aug 28 2010, 10:59PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 7
I don't know enough about the plot of your movie but I listen to theatrical scores on my MP3 player so a score was the first thing I thought.

The best I could do was Elvis's "Suspicious Minds" as the score "SUNSET BOULEVARD aka, Dead Lakes". It's not perfect but the title fits and its a great song.


Silt is still coming into the lakes and all those developments are stabilized. That is what you think about at this point, not a lake clean up and of course homes that were flooded can get flooded again.
Just to let people know, what I see around the areas that were flooded worse than here are doing. They're jacking their houses up and it is priced on a per vertical foot bases on top of the set up charges then they relandscape. The problem with this is the one upstream of a elevated house who didn't do it will blame the additional flooding to the elevated housing plus their higher landscaping.
That was an unusual flood but if it happens once I'd expect it again and I grew up around this, waking up and see a garbage can floating down the road. I have a reason for suspicion, every flooded home I've seen has been flooded at least one or more times, and I've watched it so the time frame definitely isn't 100 years because I'm younger than that.

That is what should be going on here, stopping the silt from coming into the lakes and low houses that were flooded being elevated or "for sale".
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Tue Jul 19 2011, 05:49AM
Registered Member #460
Joined: Fri Mar 11 2011, 12:49AM
{LOCATION}Posts: 10
Liked the song n good one for Dead Lakes ! Thanx. Interesting reading the trancripts, starting with city witnesses an there testimonies. Would say some of what I'm reading is suspicous alright, n wonder about a few of there minds to! SP you read them? Every citizin should read em, heck we paid for em.Could be one at City Hall to check out for those who wanna read em. Anyways no offence but Elvis was lil early for me, but have to say this was pretty good song.

Don' t know much about the rest of ur post. It sounds bad tho an something I bet our city council is dealing on. Flooding prob out here do seem worse to me but dont know if its coz its raining more or what. Houses dont seem like they should be for sale if they're flooded before. Dont those houses have to have permits n be inspected before the sale go thru?

Where you think the silt is coming from if the devolpments are stablized? If it still coming in it shoud be stopped but how and whose responsible? A lake clean up as u say probably be to much money n no one want to spend more money on the lakes now after all this trouble n wasted money. Wouldnt the home owners on the lakes pay for it coz they are the benefiters.
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Tue Jul 19 2011, 05:42PM
Registered Member #428
Joined: Sat Aug 28 2010, 10:59PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 7
Harry, I have not read the minutes yet. The jury was possibly turned off beyond us not having a good case in some way whether it was from accusing the developers of more damages than we could prove that they did and beyond the reasonable logic that the jury used or not liking what the witnesses said. Advice about this should have come from our attorney. I am curious if that was the case or not so I may need read them to figure that out.

I was possibly too emphatic on the houses flooded but that is because I've had a lifetime of negativity from this so from those experiences I wouldn't feel comfortable, but that is just because of my own experiences and I have no idea if it will ever happen again. There is an "As Is" clause that can be added to a real estate contract that could give some protection in selling but I’m not sure. Even the day of the flood was a difficult day for me but it was how to get a blind person in a wheel chair home over land since the streets were flooded so the negative experiences are continual. The fire department helped me out of that one.

The developments are stable in perspective to what is done to grade and develop property to build. I only mentioned that to expand the scope of thinking away from just developments because it's bigger than that, it's the creek banks and not a development in itself at this point.
The creek banks are unstable some due to design and some due to the increase in the amount and velocity of water much of which comes from more roofs, roads and concrete because of developments commercial and residential.

It's amazing how much better the eroding creek bank looks in the summer than the winter at this location. This is nothing to take any action about but when you realize how many of these exist, it all adds up. I'm sure this is one of many, but I go by it a lot. This is damaging their own property so I think that things like this don't catch the property owners attention or they don't understand that something could be done about it. They're about to lose the golf path and the bridge abutment.
Drive by and look at the creek bank on the side opposite of the road and also the culvert feeding into it on the street side at 1120 Oakhaven DR., it's less than a mile on the left after you enter Brookfield West . In the winter it is very obvious. The priority here was in design to give the maximum amount of golf course and not a stable creek. No consideration was given to the effect of that culvert feeding the creek either. That entire area is contrary to the natural grade of the land so that creek bank was fabricated and the standard when you do that is a 2 to 1 slope or a 45 degree angle for the banks of a creek with whatever other erosion control needed but they would have lost a portion the that area for playing golf to have done that so 90 degree banks gave more fairway. When it was permitted or inspected the right grade of the creek band should have been demanded, under today's standards but much of this was done years ago.
Proper erosion control must be mandated because these developers will give a priority to costs and profit so having the most lots or building area and avoid losing land for erosion control and avoid paying for doing the erosion control too. Detention ponds are supposed to correct some of this but these are rarely maintained after their original construction. I see them as a theory not properly executed.

To really understand our problem, all creeks would have to be walked and detention ponds inspected. I don't know what codes are on the books to enforce property owners to do anything about this. How would you feel if you had property on a creek in situations you felt that the banks were eroding on your property due to an increase in the amount and velocity of water because of up steam development and it wasn't your fault?

It has been done. Pinelake took advantage of an opportunity and we must be prepared to take advantage of any which I feel is being done presently here. All this emotion here is not good for thinking and making decisions plus we were bogged down with a lawsuit at that point in time of the stimulus.

This is from their blog on how they did it but basically they saw the stimulus money and did a good job of researching it from there.
"The Feds: the stimulus money that is underwriting our stream bank restoration grant originated here.
The State: federal fund were then passed on to GEFA (Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority), a state agency that manages the funds and disburses them to Pine Lake as work progresses.
The County: the restoration grant requires that we pay for half of the total budget. Dekalb County has given us our half in exchange for our portion of water management. In other words, the cost to the city is zero."

From this, they dredged their lake as well as build ponds to catch the silt in the creek before it gets into the lake.

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