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Jun 01 : 17:00
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Fri Oct 29 2010, 08:47pm
Registered Member #390
Joined: Wed Jun 10 2009, 10:29pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 26
When accountability is ultimately determined for the lake litigation disaster, the City Attorney needs to bear his share of the blame. Mr. Bowen is retained to advise the City on legal matters. He abdicated responsibility for the lake litigation from the outset - an inexcusable and irresponsible action by the man retained and paid as the legal counsellor to our City government. He should immediately be replaced.
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Fri Oct 29 2010, 10:59pm
Registered Member #256
Joined: Thu Nov 01 2007, 08:41pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 40
You raise an interesting point, George. It seems apparent that litigation management and skilled oversight were absent in the lake litigation process.
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Sat Oct 30 2010, 03:17pm
Registered Member #256
Joined: Thu Nov 01 2007, 08:41pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 40
After thinking about this whole situation last night and realizing just how bad this really has turned out, I felt like the city was lead down the wrong path. It is unfortunate that a certain element of the community misinterpreted your repeated attempts to alert the general public as a sign that you were against your community winning the lawsuit. It is a real shame that your efforts in reaching out to the mayor and council by offering guidance and "a way out of the woods" fell on deaf ears. I know Frank Baia also attempted to bring some sanity to the process and he was vilified, too.
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Big Jon
Sun Oct 31 2010, 11:06pm
Registered Member #50
Joined: Sun Jul 31 2005, 11:42am
{LOCATION}Posts: 20
I personally believe that we do not have a bi-partisan or diverse enough local voting base or City goverment to effectively govern ourselves anymore in Mountain Park. Frank and George were treated very bad, they poured there hearts and souls into trying to save MP gcverment from itself. I am proud and love everybody in MP, even the ones I disagree with, I just want to tell Frank and George that I am so glad you both live in MP and I am proud to be your Neighbor.

Jon Wesley Braswell
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