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Jun 01 : 17:00
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Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant

Author Post
Mon Mar 29 2010, 03:02pm
Registered Member #46
Joined: Fri Jul 29 2005, 02:20pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 158
Announcement: Mountain Park applied for and was one of the 64 communities awarded a Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant. The award of $300,000 is for “weatherization projects for homeowners and renters bringing homes up to compliance with Georgia Energy Code for insulation and HVAC efficiency. A 50 percent subsidy for residents' energy efficiency investment. City Hall to receive a ground source heat pump and photovoltaic system, with the intent of creating a demonstration/education tool to inspire visitors to pursue similar energy savings techniques.” More details: link

Nice work City Council!

So what does this mean for residents? Will we be eligible for any rebates/awards for our homes in MP?

Thanks in advance.
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Mon Mar 29 2010, 03:25pm
Registered Member #42
Joined: Thu Jul 28 2005, 12:26pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 83
We will be announcing the process for citizens interested in participating in this grant in the next utility bill newsletter. This is another great opportunity for the City of Mountain Park to show its support for national/global conservation efforts.

Jim Still
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Tue Mar 30 2010, 02:48am
Registered Member #299
Joined: Fri Feb 22 2008, 07:01pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 9
All residents will be eligible for a free energy audit. 50% matching funds will be available for upgrading insulation, weatherstripping etc., with specific projects prioritized to yield the maximum energy savings per dollar of grant money. Depending on the popularity of the insulating program, any remaining matching funds may be available for AC/furnace upgrades. Participation is strictly voluntary, and both rental and owner-occupied homes are eligible to apply. All projects will need prior approval so please don't run out and hire an insulating contractor, information will be provided soon on how this program will be implemented.

City Hall will be equipped with solar panels, a geothermal heat pump, and LED lighting. These items are expected to drastically reduce utility bills and all have a 20 year design life.
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Yuck Obama
Wed Mar 31 2010, 01:50pm
Registered Member #405
Joined: Mon Mar 08 2010, 04:13pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 36
Can the grant be used to fix the road and pay for the lawsuit?

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Yuck Obama
Wed Mar 31 2010, 02:14pm
Registered Member #405
Joined: Mon Mar 08 2010, 04:13pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 36
Read this and then can we all just relax and enjoy life here on earth. It is silly to think we could ever fully understand the workings of God's creation, much less control climate.


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Wed Mar 31 2010, 04:48pm
Registered Member #400
Joined: Tue Jan 05 2010, 03:29pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 1
Isn't this exciting news! I think that it's wonderful that this grant will give us the oppertunity to model energy efficiency to our residents as well as those in other municipalities. I look forward to the changes that are in our future!
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Wild Magnolia
Tue Jul 06 2010, 04:49pm
Registered Member #163
Joined: Fri Oct 13 2006, 09:57pm
{LOCATION}Posts: 44
Very exciting news for our city and residents!!!!!!!!!!!! The thanks though should go where it belongs to Julian who wrote the grant. Thank you Julian!

Yuck- pertaining to the roads you might want to speak to the council person in charge or roads and streets. Last heard it was Bob Douds. That may have changed? There just may be a grant but they would have to put an effort into finding it.
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