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Jun 01 : 17:00
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Did you know this about the Civic Club?

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Sat Jul 11 2009, 09:40pm
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Joined: Thu Jul 21 2005, 04:47pm
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The Civic Club holds great events all year long and depends upon member volunteer support to plan, prepare and implement them for the community's enjoyment. Members volunteer, they are not “assigned” a project. So, a member can volunteer to help on an event with planning only (and a great idea), or preparation (and, perhaps, make a sign), or help with implementation (by cooking the holiday turkey for the covered dish dinner or summer fundraiser hot dogs while others hand them out and collect money).

As 2009 Vice President of the Civic Club, I encourage you to get involved. As Co-chair of the day long Civic Club events for July 4th along with Frank Baia, I ask you to consider that probably 15-20 member volunteers helped conduct different event projects on July 4th, many participating in their project for only one hour, for example, to man the new phone book sale table or collect donations from cars entering the city at the top of the hill for the fireworks (and meeting new people!). Chairing the Parade of Paws project was not “dreary” duty for one member, who enlisted other member helpers. See how easy and fun getting involved can be? Admittedly, some members spent many hours on their July 4th event projects – but they wanted to!

Obviously, the enjoyable events are meant to stimulate a sense of community and fellowship for residents, but Civic Club members have fun doing it! And, for members that aren’t “events” people, there are other ways to be involved. For example, come to a meeting to find out about the Civic Club Citizens Support Committee, Green and Beautiful Committee and more…

If you are not a member, please join the Civic Club now, attend meetings the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM “to get to know the ropes,” then donate a few hours of your time this year to help out with a Civic Club project or two. The more members participating, the more fun! (FYI: you can come to the meetings first, then join.)

Membership is only $2 a year. Please cut and paste the Membership Form below or put the information on a piece of paper and bring it to the next Civic Club meeting or to City Hall in an envelope. Remember, you do not have to volunteer for anything! If nothing else, become a member to show your financial (minimum $2) support. The Civic Club uses its funds periodically to gift the city with improvements such as, most recently, new, more comfortable chairs for the Community Building. We look forward to calling you a new member!

2009 MPCC Membership Form, Donations for ‘10 July Fireworks or Wildlife Emergency Fund
Name/s _________________________________


Date _____________________

Phone ___________________________

Email ___________________________________

Check all that apply: (TOTAL INCLUDED PLEASE________ )
_____ $2 Dues included per adult
______ Donation for Wildlife Fund
______ Donation for 2008 Fireworks
______ General Donation

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