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Jun 01 : 17:00
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What's Your Take on the Election Results?

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E.T. Bass
Tue Nov 13 2007, 11:46PM
Registered Member #152
Joined: Fri Jul 21 2006, 03:54PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 76
The FAN was informative and helpful. Ours always came in the mail and didn't litter the streets. I feel that most people had a gut feeling about how they were going to vote and the FAN may have been the confirmation they needed. Any candidate that lost should realize that an honest analysis of their own message and track record would prove more beneficial than taking the easy excuse and blaming a newsletter. My impression was that FAN researched the issues written about and stuck to the facts.

FAN should continue to keep an eye on the mayor and council and report on issues of general concern to the community. Maybe a look at the 2008 budget would be a good next topic.
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Wild Magnolia
Fri Nov 16 2007, 11:18PM
Registered Member #163
Joined: Fri Oct 13 2006, 09:57PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 44
Disappointed is an understatement. Unfortunately the public was mislead by the inaccuracies,and misinformation of the fan litter. If the Fan is all about truth then why so secretative? Looks as though they did things behind closed doors. Intuition suggests that these people are the ones that our innocent citizens have elected into office!
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E.T. Bass
Wed Nov 21 2007, 04:45AM
Registered Member #152
Joined: Fri Jul 21 2006, 03:54PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 76
After listening to the audio from the Monday council meeting I am glad we have some balance to look forward to on our council come January. Upham barking at Frank for voting his mind will not be missed. Does she really wonder why she was whooped?
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Cheerful Garrett
Wed Nov 21 2007, 05:31PM
Registered Member #118
Joined: Thu Mar 09 2006, 06:26PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 186
Exactly. After everything that's happened, Upham hasn't tried to change at all. We don't need that type of bully leadership in our community.
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