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Jun 01 : 17:00
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What's Your Take on the Election Results?

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Author Post
Jim Wright
Wed Nov 07 2007, 04:13AM
Registered Member #70
Joined: Sat Sep 17 2005, 01:10AM
{LOCATION}Posts: 246
The link below should take you to the Fulton County results, I hope. Once there, scroll down to see Mountain Park. The pie charts are a nice addition. If you have been paying attention to the races in neighboring cities, comment on those races also.
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E.T. Bass
Wed Nov 07 2007, 05:12AM
Registered Member #152
Joined: Fri Jul 21 2006, 03:54PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 76
Did the usually Silent Majority find their voice?!? The sign thing sealed the deal if you ask me and the Vote for Chicks strategy came across wrong.
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Wed Nov 07 2007, 10:22AM
Registered Member #27
Joined: Mon Jul 25 2005, 06:18PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 23
Very disturbed and disappointed... The lakes will definitely pay the price. The spin doctors have done their job well.
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Wed Nov 07 2007, 02:25PM
Registered Member #46
Joined: Fri Jul 29 2005, 02:20PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 158
And once again I would ask the winners of the election to remember that there are people living in Cherokee county that pay MP taxes.

Every time we go to vote we get 20 questions and comments like "Oh, I didn't know we had people in Cherokee County...."

Well, the people who we pay taxes never seem to have a problem with recognizing we live in MP!

Maybe this election will start a process where all citizens will be able to communicate in an open and honest manner.

The infighting has gotten old and tedious. Let's hope this is the start of something new and improved.
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Wed Nov 07 2007, 03:11PM
Registered Member #260
Joined: Wed Nov 07 2007, 01:12PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 2
Great to see the citizens speak up with such a loud and decisive voice. I think this shows a clear indication of the direction the community would like to see it's government take.
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Jim Wright
Wed Nov 07 2007, 04:19PM
Registered Member #70
Joined: Sat Sep 17 2005, 01:10AM
{LOCATION}Posts: 246
A couple of added details some may find interesting:

All the votes have been tallied except the provisional ballots, if any. They come Thursday, but should have no impact on the outcomes.

Out of a total of 407 registered voters 238 participated.

There were three write-in votes (one error/Crystal Penick for mayor/Mike Viener for council)

There were a total of 5 early or absentee ballots cast.

There were 40 under-votes in the council race meaning that some voters did not exercise all of their allotted three choices in the council race.

While the total number of registered voters increased since the last election, the registered voter list was purged of 15 names improperly registered to vote in city elections.

Jeanne Wood, although not seeking election, received 13 votes.
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Wed Nov 07 2007, 04:49PM
Registered Member #178
Joined: Mon Dec 04 2006, 11:04PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 1
We wanted our City back and we got it. Thanks to all those that voted for Mt. Park
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Bill Schmidt
Wed Nov 07 2007, 05:57PM
Registered Member #68
Joined: Fri Sep 16 2005, 09:14PM
{LOCATION}Posts: 141
Congratulations to the victors.
Welcome to the Machine!

Claire, Deb and Leslie:
I'll miss the passion and dedication you brought to the job.

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Thu Nov 08 2007, 02:26AM
Registered Member #156
Joined: Thu Aug 17 2006, 01:44AM
{LOCATION}Posts: 18
Not a 'reply' but just some observations on our election...
It was GREAT seeing everyone so involved, backing their personal favorites, talking to their neighbors to be certain they were going to vote, hand-made signs, purchased signs, silly hats, reading postings on the forum, flags, bunting, painted car windows, chatting with friends as we waited impatiently in the cold to see the voting results, hearing Karla call from the Fire Dept. door, "Hey, I have a big pot of hot coffee in here!"
... we ARE a small town and I love that.
It was a harsh night of hurt feelings for some of our citizens and a fabulous surprise for others. Cheers and hugs of congratulations mingled with a few blinkedback tears but in the end, most everyone extended or received the hand of friendship. We are first and foremost, neighbors. All the flurry, fits and flap are because we love our hometown and want for it whatever we each see as 'the best' ....we CARE!
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Thu Nov 08 2007, 04:40AM
Registered Member #225
Joined: Wed Jul 04 2007, 01:02AM
{LOCATION}Posts: 68
Last night I immediately wondered what the voters thought. I decided it is simply that the voters were in the dark about financial and legal decisions and didn't like it. They used their common sense with the limited information to base their decisions the best that they could. Karol is right, much of the rest we’ve heard before. This was too decisive for here, the decisions had to have been made before any campaigning.
I bet at least one of the incumbent that lost feels betrayed. Possible reasons for of the outcome has to be some of this with exception of #6, that is me. I'm not the type to have settled in that situation but it is a personality thing with no reflection on anyone. There are possibly behind the scenes factors that can't be explained. I certainly wasn't the only one thinking this.
1) Seeing "pending ligation" all the time concerns residents. I think even special council meetings drew too much scrutiny.
2) The arguments for raising taxes were not convincing enough in light of the sewer taps income earned. The answers were not conclusive. Then someone stated that the proceeds did not go to the lake litigation but in some other lake fund. Why not a non-lake fund?
3) Just as Keith in Cherokee County, feels ignored so do the many people that don’t live around the lakes feel the same as Keith. The lakes are not as important to them. Keith, is not the only one.
4) The manner that the public found out about the litigation settlement and the sewer tap sale appeared suspicious just by how they found out. Making people use the Open Records Act when it is unnecessary. A good policy is that if you make a mistake (not that there was one in this instance), you should tell the people involved immediately before someone else does. When they hear it from someone else first, it is all over. Voters got financial information from someone else.
4) The public wants to know how the money is spent more than how it is budgeted to be spent or better yet just agree not to spend it.
5) Common sense that it is hard for an attorney to spend that amount of money in this length time on one lawsuit.
6) I was a little disappointed with financial settlement with one of the more chronic violators/defendants and there was no justification provided for the strategy. I’m not sure if anyone else cared about that and there could have been a strategy for doing that. It put a possible price tag on the damages to be used against us plus we lost a defendant after spending that amount of money is what I didn’t like.

I too miss incumbents. I'm trying to find out now, who did the original work to obtain the funds for this water main project that is coming up. Does anyone know who got it?
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